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Cancun All Inclusive

By Jason Sellers, Contributor

Updated July 16, 2012

Cancun All Inclusive: A brief history

Back in 1950 a small resort village in Mallorca, Spain was opened and was the first 'Club Med'. This resort village was the first to offer an all inclusive package much like what can be found throughout Cancun today.

Cancun All Inclusive: Is it really all inclusive?

We all know that there are thousands of deals out there for Cancun All Inclusive packages for hotels, resorts, and villas. But did you know that Cancun All Inclusive deals can be found for activities and tours in Cancun? For example, lets say you are in Cancun staying at a hotel and you would like to go on a tour that includes snorkeling and some sight seeing.

If you choose an all inclusive package for your Cancun activity you will likely have all charges, transportation, meals, tips, and any equipment fees included in the all inclusive price. This all inclusive price is important because in Cancun activity incidental costs can really add up. If you can, look for an all inclusive price for even basic activities in Cancun.

Cancun Hotels and Resorts offer all inclusive deals, in fact just about every legitimate Cancun Resort, Hotel, or Villa offers all inclusive price options. But what does all inclusive really mean?

In Cancun an all inclusive hotel package usually includes:

  • main meals
  • snacks
  • drinks (open bar alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks)
  • accommodations (hotel room etc)
  • access to hotel facilities like gym, pools, entertainment venues
  • beach access with beach side service
  • beach amenities like lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels etc
  • complimentary massages (not common in Cancun but in Riviera Maya locations it is common)
  • Cancun airport shuttle transfer and transportation

Many Cancun All Inclusive resorts don't include:

  • top brand liquors
  • Scuba lessons
  • Tennis & golf lessons
  • Wind surfing lessons
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Adventure tours that are not on the all inclusive hotel property (excursions etc)
  • Spa services usually aren't included at many Cancun all inclusive resorts, some may offer a complimentary massage to get you started

Cancun All Inclusive Hotel: How to Choose

Everyone looks for all inclusive hotel packages when the plan on travelling to Cancun and it seems that every resort or hotel offers all inclusive deals. So how do you choose the best deal?

Decide what you want from your trip to Cancun. It’s easy to be hypnotized by images of the standard blue lounge chairs on the white sand beaches and delicious looking meals set against sunsets and palm trees but what about the day to day life at these hotels and resorts?

All Inclusive for Cancun Thrill Seekers: We all know that Cancun offers canned entertainment and mild adventure on the hotel property and beachside. SCUBA and snorkelling tours can turn up the dial a bit if you include some dolphin, shark, or turtle interaction. Many hotels and resorts in Cancun include some basic excursion or water activity in their all inclusive package. More specific activities that take you off the hotel property typically are not part of all inclusive deals in Cancun. Remember that training for wind surfing, SCUBA, and other activities usually are not included.

All Inclusive for Cancun Family Fun: All inclusive hotels and resorts in Cancun perhaps are best suited for families looking for turnkey adventure, relaxation, and entertainment. A constant stream of freshly prepared foods and bottomless beverages for kids and parents is one of the most appealing parts of the all inclusive deal.

Nightly shows and daily entertainment performances are typical at all inclusive hotels and resorts in Cancun. There are some hotels and resorts in Cancun that are more suited than others for family vacationing. Do some research to make sure that you aren’t bringing the family to a party hot spot that will keep you up all night. The Oasis Palm Cancun is one that offers all inclusive deals and a brilliantly laid out property to accommodate any family preference.

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