From the Cancun Airport to your Hotel

Cancun Shuttles & Transfers 101:

If you are travelling to a major hotel in Cancun you will probably find a shuttle waiting for you at the Cancun airport. The Cancun Hotel Zone is more than 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport so using a multi-passenger shuttle will save you money.

If you are a big deal then there are VIP, Limousines, and secured transfer shuttles available from the airport to the Cancun Hotel Zone too but you should book ahead of time or you may not feel like such a big deal when you arrive.

Many smaller properties may require you to use a taxi or shuttle to transfer to your property. If you are going on a Cancun excursion or tour of Cancun then there are many shuttle and transportation operators around Cancun that can help.

Typical Prices: Shuttle Transfer from Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone (one-way)

Lomas Travel $12 $19 $60 $66-108 Contact Lomas Travel Handicap accessible transfer vans available for Cancun.  They seem like nice people too :)
Cancun Shared Shuttle $12 $35 $45 $75-108 Contact Cancun Shared Shuttle Same company as  same prices too.
Cancun Discounts $11 N/A $35 N/A Contact Cancun Discounts Ask about the round trip discounts.

Cancun Transfers, Shuttles, Buses, VIP, and Private Transport explained:

Buses: Even cheaper than the shuttles but these are full size buses and they don't go to the Hotels, they go to the Cancun bus stations. Then you have to take a taxi to the hotel. Not a good idea.

Taxis: Taxis are not allowed to pickup passengers at the airport in Cancun. Only authorized shuttle and transport companies are allowed to pick you up at the Cancun International Airport.

Shared or Economy Shuttle: typical passenger vans and larger transport vehicles. Usually 10 or more passenger capacity. Shuttles run between 8am and 8pm. Definitely the best choice. Remember to be patient because these shuttles may stop at 3 or 4 hotels in Cancun during each trip. Child seats aren't a big thing in Mexico and don't expect to find one in a Cancun transport shuttle.

Private shuttle transfer: A van all to yourself :) It costs more but it's direct shuttle service to your hotel in the Cancun. No need to listen to cranky passengers blabbering on about stuff you don't care about. You can relax and enjoy the trip. Another bonus: they run 24 hours a day :)

VIP shuttles: Same deal as private shuttles but a little more exclusive and they can provide you with child seats if you need them.

Cancun Airport Warnings/Advisories:

In Cancun it is illegal for drivers to try to sell directly to you or to solicit business from you. If you are being pressured to do business with companies that you haven't booked with you should report them the police.

Safety Recommendation: To remain safe during your transfer from the airport to your hotel you should book your transportation in advance or deal only with official companies in the airport.