Cancun Time Zone

Cancun Time Zone:  What time is it in Cancun, Mexico?

Cancun Time Now is:

The time zone in Cancun is CST or UTC-6, which means that the time in Cancun is 1 hour behind ET or Eastern Time, so if it's 12pm in New York it will be 11 am in the Cancun time zone.

Remember even though the Cancun time zone is CST, Mexico doesn't follow the same time change date as the USA or Canada. The daylight savings time change for the Cancun time zone and the rest of Mexico is in April where in Canada and the USA is in March.

So, daylight savings time for the Cancun time zone is like this:

On the first Sunday of April all of Mexico (including Cancun) move their clocks ahead 1 hour and on the last Sunday of October everyone in Mexico moves their clock back 1 hour. An extra hour in Cancun is always nice :)

Time Zone in Cancun Mexico: UTC-6 or CST (Central Standard Time)

Cancun Time Zone and DST info:

Daylight savings time really has its place in higher latitudes of the North and South hemispheres.  Since Cancun and the rest of Mexico is in latitudes close to the equator moving the hour back and fourth really is a annoyance than a benefit.  The only reason Mexico participates in DST is because of the strong economic relationship with other DST compliant countries like Canada and USA.

Here is the crazy part, since the USA and Canada unilaterally decided to change the date of the DST time change Mexico hasn't followed suit.  So Mexico including the Cancun time zone follow a useless DST program that is not synchronized with it's main commercial peers.. USA and Canada.  It must be frustrating for Mexicans to follow this system.

So until this policy changes, the Cancun time zone will be CST but the daylight savings time changeover date is in April & October, not March.  Have fun in Cancun!

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